Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sarfaraz Shah killed by terrorists in uniform

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Written by: Sadia Khan


This boy Sarfaraz Shah was shot dead in  the posh area of Karachi in a park.The boy was dating a girl. A man complained about this to the rangers and later draged him to  them  who were already   waiting for him.  After killing him the rangers rushed to the police station and filed as many crime reports against the teen as they pleased.

 As a usuall statement of higher authorities led by isi was told that the boy was a criminal and he was wanted in 40 cases while the fact was that they could not produce a single first info report in any police station against him

His brother was a news reporter  while dying he kept on begging the beasts in uniform for his life and kept on saying that he should be taken to a hospital When he was pulled to the rangers he said he is helpless because of his heart meaning that he can not stop loving that girl

Please be informed that Pak rangers are very use to of killing anti Taliban Pushtoon youth in war torn tribal areas of Pakistan.They kill them conveniently and name them Taliban. Since media is bared from those areas nobody knows what is going on.

No body.....

Sarfaraz Shah would have been one of those thousands of young men who get killed by the terrorists in uniform and later on named either suicide bombers or criminal if this video was not shot by some camera man who was incidentally there to shoot some tv programme.

When this video got on air Mr DG rangers came up with the statement

"That the involved rangers would be punished if convicted and the charges proved against them"

After many days chief justice of Pakistan also realized that he should play some part so in a show of justice he took so called suo moto notice of this incident He made headlines in Pakistan when he issued orders of termination  of DG rangers Ijaz Chaudary from his post.....actually he only got transferred from Karachi after a couple of months he is back on the same post of Dg rangers and both of them sit shamelessly next to each other in news photos discussing Karachi deteriorating situation.

Mr Dg is very actively cleansing of Karachi of liberal people and helping terrorists in the name of carrying out oppressions against militants and Mr Chief justice is there to help protect the terrorists.

 Those rangers were trialed in Antiterrorism court confirming that Pakistani rangers and terrorists are one and the same

 As a rule of law they should have been court-martialed.

Another funny thing about this trial was that police brought these rangers to the court with covered faces  wearing kameez shalwar and  bending down with covered faces they exactly looked like their brother terrorists actually police has been very  strictly advised by the ISI personnels that they should cover the faces of militants  so that they cannot be recognized and they can carry on later....

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