Wednesday, October 9, 2013

President of Sri Lanka and General Kayani please don't kill Pakistani blogger Sadia Khan

Sadia Khan is a blogger from Pakistan. She wrote on sensitive issues involving security forces and army Generals of Pakistan.
She fled to Sri Lanka along with her 10 years old sister and mother to save her life.
She got registered with UNHCR and started her website and continued writing about the security forces of Pakistan. She remained safe for one year but as soon as she started writing with her own name and disclosed her location Sri Lankan authorities took them to the Detention center. They were kept in illegal detention for one month.
An honest officer told them that they we were being trapped by ISI through SIS (Sri Lankan intelligence service)
SIS head was directly involved in her case
CID special branch was investigating
Sadia will be declared a spy of India
She had a heart attack. A Doctor told her that higher authorities have informed the hospital that she was  an Indian spy and should be discharged from the hospital as soon as possible.
She was forced to go back to the detention center. They fled from there on the 9th April 2013.
For the last 6 month they live in hiding.
If caught Sri Lankan authorities will kill them to avoid any embarrassment.
UNHCR has fled from the scene leaving them at the mercy of those who trapped them.
Amnesty int and other Human rights organizations also did not help them.
They chose to be silent spectators.
She removed all her posts and she is in touch with Pakistan High Commission Sri Lanka for the last few months. She begged them a hundred times to forgive her for writing against Pak security forces and ask Sri Lanka to remove these charges. So far nothing good has happened.
They live in extreme fear.


  1. Mr. President and Mr. General of Pakistan don't belittle yourself by killing this innocent girl.

  2. Is someone missing the obvious here? I am an American, have the right to do so, but still won't post online, in a public forum, anything I don't agree with within the government of the U.S. This girl needs to realize if she can't take the heat, she had better quickly get out of the kitchen. And for goodness sake, STOP BLOGGING BAD THINGS ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY!