Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pakistan High Commission in sri Lanka plays double game

Sadia Khan wrote about the atrocities of Pakistan ISI and fled to Sri Lanka. Pakistan trapped her through the friendly Govt of Sri Lanka.
They kept her and her mother and her family in the illegal detention while they  were registered asylum seekers with UNHCR Sri Lanka.
They took away their  passports and all they had. They declared her an Indian spy.

They fled from the detention and ever since live in hiding.
UNHCR left them alone fighting with 2 brotherly states.

For 7 long months  Sadia khan kept begging Pakistan High Commission to ask their friends (Sri Lankan Govt) to remove their false charges from her and return their passports.  
Instead of helping Pak High commission tried to trace her calls. Use of blackberry kept her safe.

Pakistan High Commission  failed to get 3 passports from Sri Lankan Govt Who will believe this?????
 Definitely this failure is intentional and by choice


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